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SEO Consultancy

SEO Consultancy is when I provide advice for my clients so they can do their own SEO, backed by Mr SEO Consultant’s tools, expertise and over 14 years of experience.


SEO Consultancy is suitable for people that already produce their own content and manage their own website and would benefit from the guidance of a professional SEO consultant to improve the way they do SEO.

What’s included in SEO Consultancy

Every SEO Consultancy project I work on is different.  For some of my clients I fulfil a strategic, advisory, and analytical role, I provide something which I describe as a flat pack version of version of SEO, backed by me if things don’t go to plan or fall off track. This allows some of my clients to use their own team to produce content, improve the technical condition of their site and do off page SEO and combine it with my guidance ensures their actions have a positive SEO impact while my analysis makes sure we’re hitting performance goals and seizing SEO opportunities. This approach significantly reduces the cost of SEO consultancy but requires more time from my clients.

Other clients that use my SEO consultancy service also use one of my other services like technical SEO, link building, citation building or SEO content to complement their own team. This is more common if some things can be done inhouse, but other aspects of SEO still require outsourcing.

SEO Consultancy vs fully managed SEO campaigns

SEO consultancy is useful for people who already know a little bit about marketing and SEO. If you’re new to SEO you may prefer a fully managed SEO campaign. In a fully managed SEO campaign, I take care of every aspect of SEO from planning to delivery. 

How much does SEO Consultancy cost?

The cost of SEO Consultancy depends on how much consulting is required. My rates begin at £60 + VAT per hour and I provide a free one-hour consultation. Before I start a project, we’ll discuss the SEO activities you plan to take care of yourself and what you’re looking for from SEO consultancy. I’ll create a project plan, so you’ll know how many SEO consultancy hours you need, and for how long, to achieve your goals.

Why hire Mr SEO Consultant

I’ve been working in marketing and SEO for 14 years. Before starting MR SEO Consultant, I was the Head of SEO for a digital agency in London and Kent. I’ve spoken at conferences and delivered workshops about SEO as well as contributing to seoblog.com. I’ve achieved top ranks for some of the most competitive keywords in the world and I’ve worked with brands at all stages of their lifecycle from launch to reinvigorating struggling brands.

I’ve worked in various industries including hospitality, leisure, tourism education, manufacturing, NFP, charity, finance, investment, insurance, professional services, local services, media and entertainment, cybersecurity, SaaS, architecture and interior design but whatever your industry I’m sure I have the expertise to help you achieve a top rank.

Free one hour SEO Consultation

Interested in using Mr SEO Consultant for SEO consultancy? Book a free one-hour SEO session with me on my online calendar and I’ll provide some free ideas to improve your sites SEO overnight.