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About me

About Mr SEO Consultant

I’m Matt, aka Mr SEO Consultant. I’ve worked in marketing and SEO for fourteen years.

Before starting Mr SEO Consultant, I was a Director in a digital and SEO agency for six years. I’ve worked for brands of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to aging brands trying to turn digital. I’ve helped launch brands that rely on search engines for all their business and are now well-established and thriving and I’ve achieved top ranks in some of the most competitive industries in the world.

I’ve delivered workshops on SEO and social media marketing; I’ve spoken at conferences about SEO and joined expert discussion panels. I’m also a contributor to popular SEO blogs.

I’m able to advise how SEO will impact other marketing activity and how your other marketing activity can be harnessed to positively impact SEO.

The success in my campaigns comes from research, I define targets, I define what needs to be done to reach them and I outline KPIs to ensure it’s on track along the way.