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SEO Consultant Birmingham

SEO advice, problem solving and campaigns for brands in Birmingham and West Midlands

About me

I’m an Birmingham SEO Consultant that has achieved top search engine ranks in some of the most difficult search markets in the country.

I have over 14 years’ experience providing digital marketing and SEO services in Birmingham, the UK and Europe. I provide SEO consultancy and SEO campaigns, or I can train your existing team to follow my campaign plan (and stick around to troubleshoot if you need me).

I consider myself one of the most transparent SEO consultants in Birmingham, if not the world. I bill by the hour and provide time logs of what I’m doing, and I provide an online live performance dashboard. My clients can see where their site ranks, traffic by keyword and site behaviour as well as a loads of SEO KPIs like backlinks and citations. It’s all presented, live and available 24/7.

My process with new clients

  • I research customer journeys to identify keywords your site could rank for at every stage, from discovery through to consideration and purchase
  • I analyse your existing website traffic and sales to determine how much more traffic you’ll need to achieve your target sales growth
  • I create an SEO action plan to achieve target ranks at the required pace to support growth plans
  • I forecast results and track performance so if performance isn’t on target, we can quickly identify problems and solve them  
  • I can fulfil the SEO plan or help your existing team to deliver it

The importance of competitor data in SEO

SEO is a competition; search engines will rank the website that has the best authority on a topic, but that authority is determined by a range of factors. It goes without saying being the best means others will be trying to overtake you and its why competitive industries have continuous SEO (and sometimes huge teams of SEO specialists) because they need to continuously optimise tech, content and build authority to remain ahead of the pack.

The competitive nature of SEO is why it’s so important to have good insight. Knowing what competitors are doing as part of their SEO campaigns makes it easier to make sure you’re doing that, just more and better.

How much does an SEO Consultant in Birmingham cost?

Globally SEO consultants can range from a few pounds an hour hiring people in developing countries on marketplace sites like people per hour to thousands an hour for some of the well-known influential names like Rand Fishkin, but you get what you pay for, and a good SEO consultant can multiply your business and be worth every penny.

SEO Consultants in Birmingham don’t cost any more than elsewhere in the UK and are usually a more cost-effective option compared to SEO agencies.

I charge £60 per hour. Before I start any SEO project, I’ll forecast the amount of time required to reach your goals, so you’ll know up front how much it’ll cost to get there.

What does an SEO Consultant do?

The role of an SEO consultant is to identify how a brand can increase its search visibility and to determine the ranking factors that need to be stimulated and optimised to rank a site above its competitors. Some SEO consultants only provide advice, strategy and SEO planning, others, including myself, can deliver the SEO campaign as well.

SEO services

I can provide SEO consultancy, deliver SEO campaigns, or provide help in a particular area of SEO such as building backlinks, producing SEO content, or improving the technical condition of a site. Every SEO campaign plan I work on is custom made and aligned with my clients’ growth plans.

How to choose a Birmingham SEO agency or consultant

If you search ‘SEO consultant Birmingham’ there are over 20 SEO consultants and over 100 marketing and SEO agencies in the Birmingham area that rank for that keyword. With so many providers it is difficult to create a shortlist, let alone decide who is the best SEO consultant or agency for your brand and budget.

The most important thing to ask them (and me if you get in touch) is what are they going to do with your SEO budget, why they’re going to do that and what results you can expect. Google and other search engines don’t give much away about their algorithms. Google offers not much more than their Webmaster Guidelines and Central Office Hours hangouts (SEO troubleshooting calls directly with search engine experts at Google). They’re free and accessible to everyone. A good SEO consultant will have years of experience earning ranks, working out the algorithm and will be up to date with the latest changes and best practice. They use their experience to determine the best way for a site to increase its search engine visibility so they should be able to tell you what they’ll be doing and what impact you can expect.

The way to choose who to work with is to ask that question, you’ll end up with a list of expected outcomes from each SEO professional and with that information it’ll be easy to compare what each offer could do for your brand.

Free one hour SEO consultation for brands in Birmingham

If you’d like to know what I could do for your brand contact me and book a free one-hour consultation. We’ll talk about your customers’ online journeys to buy your products or services and we’ll develop some content ideas at various stages of the journey.  We’ll also discuss ways to improve the ranks of your existing pages and methods to get new pages ranking quickly. I guarantee you’ll leave with some valuable ideas, and it’ll be an hour well spent.