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SEO Content

SEO Content

SEO Content

Content is one of the most important aspects of SEO. It doesn’t matter what you do, without optimised content you will struggle to achieve a top rank for your target keyword.

In SEO content is everything, the copy on your homepage, landing pages that rank for a keyword that demonstrates a purchase intent or a blog that will capture your target markets attention at the start of the customer journey. You’ll need your content optimises in different ways depending on the search verticals you want to rank in (all, image, maps, shopping) and content can be used to earn backlinks, especially guest contributions to web 2.0 blogs which have always been one of the most powerful forms of link.

Content designed for SEO

Before becoming an SEO specialist six years ago I was a head of marketing, so I know content’s role in engaging an audience and moving them along the customer journey but what so many overlook is content’s role in SEO.

When I plan SEO content, I start by mapping out our typical customer journeys. In keyword research I identify the things they search for online at every stage of their journey to choose which brand they buy from. The result is a keyword strategy and content plan that covers every stage of the customer journey and means your brand will appear in search results again and again as your potential customers identify the need for a brand like yours, research options and decide who to spend their money with.

Content Creation Services

My content creation services are different to freelancers or agencies. I’m an SEO expert and a good writer but the chances are I’m not an expert on your products or an expert within your market. I’ve brought in language teachers to help produce content for a language school, I’ve worked with cybersecurity consultants to produce content about cyber security, and I’ve worked with therapists to write content for a brand of rehabilitation centres.

When it comes to SEO content creation my role as an SEO consultant is to source and work with the right experts that will give your content the authority to rank. I help them produce SEO content in a way that’s optimised to rank for its target keywords by advising on structure and researching the common traits amongst to ranking pages. Seriously, don’t let an SEO consultant write your content alone, always get experts from within your market for real authority and authenticity. An SEO consultant knows about structure and will perform analysis to advise on what content needs to include to increase its ranking potential

Mr SEO Consultant’s content creation services

  • Blogs
  • Landing pages
  • Whitepapers and other forms of authoritative content
  • Website copywriting
  • Infographics
  • Consulting on video production for SEO
  • Image SEO

Content creation services for backlinks

Commonly called guest blogging, generating content for backlinks doesn’t have to be limited to blogging on other people’s sites, although that is a really great way to share your brand’s expertise, generate authority and awareness. I’ve seen websites earn backlinks by submitting their images to stock libraries and offering use for a credit link, I’ve seen a single infographic earn hundreds of links and continue to earn them perpetually and I’ve seen backlinks earned with videos, testimonials and a million other forms of content big and small.

Guest posting your content can be a great way to rank for a keyword if your site is lacking the authority or context on that subject. A common example is when people use Pinterest to earn an image rank but you can piggy back of almost any site provided the content you post promotes your brand for its expertise and a position like that could become a valuable referral source and backlink.

Want to know more about website authority, context, and backlinks. Read my authority, citations and backlinks service page which explains what they are and why they’re important.

The best content for SEO

Whatever type of content you create for SEO you want it to be organic (forget AI created articles or fake reviews and all the other shortcuts) and you want the content posted off your site to be as authoritative as the content you post on your own. Google and other search engines are smarter than rewarding a site just because it has a backlink from an authoritative URL. The page authority of the back linking page matters a great deal so it’s important your content is good enough to generate an authority in the place it’s published. The added benefit of authoritative content it gets replicated and referenced (more backlinks without any work) and it will genuinely generate awareness and referrals to your site providing more than just that “link juice” you always hear SEO consultants speak about.

Keyword research in content generation

Creating content for SEO begins with keyword research. It’s more than selecting the keywords you’d like to rank for, it’s determining the keywords you can rank for now and those you can rank for in the medium and long-term. It’s also important to rule out keywords you have no chance of ranking for at all.

Not many SEO consultants or SEO content creation service providers will tell you that some things are impossible but for some sites, they are. If you don’t have the budget to compete for a rank against the typical budgets of those who occupy it, it’s smarter to match the volume by ranking for a larger selection of longer-tail keywords at the same stage of the customer journey. It’s better than throwing your money away trying to win what you can’t win with your budget.

You should also forget about competing for ranks that belong to another type of site. I’ve lost count of the number of events venues and hotels that want to rank at the top of page one for their service and a major city, but they can’t, those broad searches in cities with hundreds of providers belong to niche search engines that specialise in a particular area, like booking.com do for hotels. Most industries have ranks that don’t belong to service providers, they belong to media, blogs, or niche search engines. Whatever it is you do, I’ll determine your rightful place in search engine results pages and save you money trying to achieve the impossible.

When I do keyword research for content creation, I focus on keywords that are at the right stage of the customer journey we’re targeting. They need to have a proven search volume and contribute to the target number of visitors at that stage of the customer journey (you’ve got to keep the marketing funnel loaded) and most importantly, your site has the potential to win them in short term. If you’re looking at a longer-term plan, I’ll be able to recommend keywords we can work towards now and those we should wait until certain milestones are reached in structure, technical SEO and developing authority.

Free one hour customer journey and SEO content consultation

If you’re interested in learning more about my SEO content creation services book a free one-hour consultation. We’ll talk about your customer’s journeys and develop some basic ideas for content at various stages of the journey. Even if you don’t work with me after I guarantee you’ll leave with some valuable ideas, and it’ll be an hour well spent. You can book a time on my online calendar.